A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Two people in different places view a scene together remotely, with its visuals affected by their presence and heartbeats, allowing them to share emotions through the visuals.


  • Pulse sensor: In this project, a total of 2 pulse sensors affect the virtual space. Each sensor will affect different elements; UserA will affect grasses, trees, and butterflies and UserB will affect sky, and clouds. 
  • Ultrasonic sensor: We made it possible to change the field of view value of the camera with an ultrasonic sensor. The closer the distance to the sensor, the smaller the value of the field of view(zoom in). The default state is the most zoomed out state.

  • Keyboard:

     Space: Toggle heart UI

     Esc: Manual operation function, Exit


Distance Beats_1.1_Win.zip 55 MB
DistantBeats_1.1_Mac.zip 67 MB

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